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Ear Cendle Therapy

Ear Candles are not a new invention. Asian and tribal cultures alike have been using them for centuries. Ear candling has been practiced by naturopaths and alternative health industry experts for decades. Painless and a totally relaxing experience.

What is Ear Candling Treatment?

Ear candling is also known as ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, and it is the act of lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. Not only can this ear candling treatment help to remove ear wax, but it can also bring about other benefits for general health and wellbeing.

When to use ear candles?

- Headache, migraine;

- Nervousness, stress;

- Sleep problems;

- Ear pain, tinnitus and ear tingling;

- Nose, forehead, sinus and/or throat infections;

- Cold, runny nose;

- Loosening and removing earwax (painless alternative to ear syringing).

When not to use ear candles?

- perforated eardrum;

- middle ear bone implants;

- acute ear infections;

- skin disorders of the ear and ear canal;

- epilepsy.

How Does Ear Candling Treatment Work?

Ear candling treatment works by using the hollow ear candles to create a subtle suction effect. This gently softens and draws out wax and other particles from the ear, drawing it into the hollow candles.

During ear candling treatment, a brown waxy material is left in the candle. This is made up of ear wax, debris and Bacteria.

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