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Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage, technically, is a massage therapy. It helps you relax and eases the tense muscles in the body so that you loosen up. During the process, hot stones made of basalt are kept on specific parts of the body. These stones are actually volcanic rocks that retain heat, hence the name. Let’s get started and know all we can about this cool therapy which not only is as edgy as it sounds, but also in the way it feels. It’s hot and it’s in, literally, and you are going to thank us for introducing it to you.

The benefits of a hot stone massage

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

A hot stone massage therapy is extremely good at reducing stress and anxiety. Studies have also proved that it improves blood circulation. It is also quite beneficial in reducing pain and stress that happens post surgeries and operations, of course after a consultation with your doctor.

2. Relieves the body of pain

A hot stone massage is extremely good at increasing the blood flow to the affected area. It is heat treatment, much more effective than other forms and modes of doing so. It also helps reduce any sort of muscle spasms and increases the body’s flexibility. As we mentioned, cold stones also play an important role here. Alternative therapy of hot and cold stones, depending upon how intense the pain is, is known to have amazing results.

3. Relieves autoimmune disease symptoms

This massage is known to have exemplary effects in treating fibromyalgia, or a chronic pain condition. Studies have suggested that the patients who received this massage experienced reduced pain and also slept better. Also, it helped tackle the trigger points of pain better. Massage therapy is a good option here.

4. Decreases cancer symptoms

Now, this is not in any way supposed to undermine the various, more aggressive modes of treatment. Hot stone massage therapy for cancer is just an alternative treatment meant to complement the existing one. A hot stone massage tackles the pain, stress, anxiety and nausea that comes with cancer and provides a comforting human touch. This helps give a positive result, along with the other treatments.

5. Helps increase sleep

Have insomnia? Ditch those sleeping pills and go for a hot stone massage. Various researches have proved that this massage is a far better alternative for the pills and has better effects. It helps loosen the body and relaxes it, thus aiding sleep. Also, it gives a more restorative sleep.

6. Boosts immunity

A good hot stone massage is also good at boosting immunity, thereby helping you get rid of any infection that you may otherwise catch.

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